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Blank of the week

Well, I want to do a weekly discussion or something for this group, but I'm not sure what or how to do it. So, here are some of the ideas I had.

Level/Boss of the Week
For level of the week, I imagine, I would post the level and offer some thoughts on it and its missions, keys, etc. Then, I would have a space for level mission high scores/grades and key tallies. You would tell me those in reply and I would list them in the post. Fair word of warning with that one though--I would be posting my own scores, probably, unless asked not to. Might be asked not to because I as of this writing I have 70/71 A-ranks in the game, and all of the level A-ranks (I'm just missing the pure pure dark boss). If asked I would withhold my scores though. Also, for this, bosses would be covered, but each boss would only be covered once. (The three final bosses, Egg Breaker, Black Bull, and the two GUN Mech bosses). I realize that gameplay is different in each venue and each level for each boss, but you can only go over so much of the same thing. I would consider splitting Black Bull into parts 1 and 2, the two GUN bosses, and the Egg Breakers, but not any of the "final" bosses. But anyway, then everyone would discuss.

Story Path of the Week
To do this, we would have two options. Either one, I use story paths I've completed regardless of everyone else's completion, or two, Everyone submits a list of Story Paths they've finished and I only use the ones we share in common. The last one is problematic because there are 326 individual paths. I, a relatively hardcore gamer, have only 47 or so of them. The people who only have ten? There's a very high chance that we won't have enough of them in common to do this. Thoughts?

Plot Thread/Device or Character of the Week
This one strays a little further from the gameplay than I'd like, but it is a valid "of the week." Hard to define.

Note that even if I start doing any of these, you can still post whatever you want. I just want to bring some discussion. You know.

But anyway... what do you guys want?


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