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Shadow the Hedgehog

I am all, I am all of me...

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"Can you see all of me?
Walk into my mystery
Step inside and hold on for dear life
Do you remember me?
Capture you and set you free
I am all, I am all of me..."

-Crush 40, "I am All of Me"


Welcome to "I Am (All Of Me)," A Shadow the Hedgehog fan community. We are not necessarily fans of Shadow himself, the character, the hedgehog, although many of us are. Rather, we love his self-titled game. Something about Shadow captivated us, be it the varied missions, the fun with weaponry, the ability to be the bad guy in a real and free sense, or the amazing story. This community exists to discuss the community in all its splendor and aspects--the plot, the gameplay, the engine, the music.

Your moderator, at the moment, is toysthatbreak. All questions about the community itself should be directed to her. Who to ask about gameplay stuffs has yet to be seen.

Rules, Guidelines, and Suggestions

  1. Be respectful of other members. Remember, you can attack ideas, not people. But seriously, just because Shadow is a jerk sometimes (just admit it, it's true, he'd tell you himself) doesn't mean we get to be.

  2. Put anything sufficiently long or containing spoilers behind a cut.

  3. Mark spoilers in the body of the post, before the cut, for the sake of people who forget to read subjects or are linked directly to the post.

  4. If you can, please put the stage of the game in which the spoiler occurs, (westopolis, stage 2-6, last story). Not necessary, but it'll be helpful to anyone who hasn't finished and will help give people an idea of what you're talking about. Not necessary, but preferred.

  5. Feel free to promote, but don't feel obligated.

  6. Please do not bash characters. It's okay to say a character is a bad person (if you say why) or that you do not like them (although if you use strong wording you had better say why), but do not say that they "suck" (unless you're referring to some objective or at least observable area in which they suck, i.e. Tails sucks at reigning in his ego, Eggman sucks at beating hedgehogs, Maria sucks at being mean). If you can't back it up, and it's going to make someone mad, don't say it.

  7. Feel free to post discussions, fan art, fan fiction, story summaries, essays, whatever. Even Shadow related memes. Have fun with it.

  8. Please keep memes to one thread each. Like, if someone posts "What shadow character are you?" and you take it and want to post your result, don't make a new post; reply to the one you got it from. Or put it in your journal and link to it in a reply.

  9. Most of all, have fun!